Business Bake Off

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The Business Bake Off is designed for corporate team building on away-days or conferences in Cheshire. It is a fantastic alternative to outdoor pursuits and physical challenges and is suited to both those with experience or a complete novice.

Activities are tailored to each client specifically and we bring along all materials and equipment required. The activities range from individual technical challenges to group show stoppers, whether it is cupcakes or gingerbread structures... there is always a

Star Baker!

We theme our activities to more than just a seasonal celebration and we can create a concept that works with your business or team interests. We are often asked for something relating to the industry, or incorporating a particular project a client is working on. You may choose for us to come into your offices and run the activity from a meeting room, or we can arrange to use one of the many venues that Cheshire has to offer. Food and refreshments can also be arranged if requested.

We take bookings from groups of 10 and upwards and we run the workshops for an hour or more depending on what is fits in to your day. Prices start at £25pp for an hour.

Take a look at our website ( to see what we do in more detail and for more photographs of our latest bake off...You can also follow us on instagram, Facebook, or twitter for updates and news.

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